Monday, February 28, 2005


Everyone's talking about makeovers these days and yet when it comes to plastic surgery and tucks and augmentations, I haven't heard of anyone having their feet perfected. Not yet, anyway.

I have seen feet with bunions and I've seen feet with warts. I've seen toes that were bent over because they were shoved into too-small shoes for too many years, and I've seen toes that were straight. Some people have long skinny toes where the middle toe extends past their big toe and then others have toes that are just right. Feet are usually not our greatest feature, but God sees it differently.

See it's not the look of the feet that gives them beauty, but the use of the feet.

I think one of the most beautiful pairs of feet belonged to the apostle Paul. When we were in Israel, one of the things we realized was how hot and dusty it can get. When I think about Paul's feet, I imagine his sandals were pretty beat up and worn. I picture darkened divits pressed into the leather of the sandals where his toes were, one divit for each toe. I'd even bet only one sandal had working straps; the other probably flopped as he walked.

Paul no doubt had a few broken toenails and dust-covered, hairy toes under the dirty leather. Can you imagine what his sandals went through? Mile after mile through the harsh desert terrain. Stubbing his toe occasionally on a sharp stone or getting a twig stuck between his foot and his sandal.

Yet his were the most beautiful feet of his day. Every time he set out on a journey, he was giving his feet an extreme makeover!!

That's what the Bible says:

"How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!" Rom 10:15


At 12:53 PM, Anonymous dp said...

That's a beautiful picture, Pastor Dave! Thank you!

At 12:54 PM, Blogger Kim said...

That was an awesome post, Pastor Dave! Great job. Hope you keep posting. God Bless.

At 1:15 PM, Blogger Nancy Baca said...

A new way of looking at Paul and his ministry. Thank you, thank you. Gives a whole new perspective to the outer man - I prefer the way God sees us! I knew if I kept checking back you'd have something for us! Thanks, Pastor Dave!

At 2:50 PM, Anonymous diana green said...

Hey PD... you never cease to amaze me!!! I have looked for your blog on a regular basis so you can imagine I was thrilled to see you posted a current one! So Renee and I both enjoyed this one. D.Green

At 3:38 PM, Anonymous DeAnn Schmitt said...

You haven't heard yet because you don't live in southern California. Yes, women are having their feet worked on surgically so they can wear those spiky shoes.

At 4:05 PM, Blogger Nancy said...

I have always thought my feet to be ugly, bunions, crinkled toes and the second one longer than the big toe (which I have heard is a sign of intelligence by the way). In God's eyes we are perfect and unique in every way, hammer toes or not.

What a great job you did of describing how you see Paul's feet. I can see the wear on the sandals and the damage that the miles put onto his feet. Would our walk with the Lord be different if we traveled on foot instead of planes, trains and automobiles?

I can't wait to see whats next :)

At 7:57 PM, Anonymous Dean Isaacson said...

Great article Dave. Keep up the good work and visit us in Coeur d'Alene sometime.

At 5:17 AM, Anonymous Ian said...

Thanks Dave! A Biblical retort to the garbage we see on TV. It is always a refreshing reminder that the LORD does not value out-worldiness that we as dust can get caught up in.

At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Dave Kunkle said...

Thanks Dave. Good insight into the toe-jam. I have marveled at how Jesus washed the feet of the deciples at the table of the last supper in John 13. How 'narly' those feet must have been. It also struck me that Jesus also washed the feet of Judas just minutes before he went and betrayed the Lord. Jesus knew yet washed his feet anyway. God loves us so much, in spite of our flaws. God bless you!

At 8:52 PM, Blogger Hoodia said...

Help me Dude, I think I'm lost..... I was searching for Elvis and somehow ended up in your blog, but you know I'm sure I saw him in a car lot yesterday, which is really strange because the last time I saw him was in the supermarket. No honest really, he was right there in front of me, next to the steaks singing "Love me Tender". He said to me (his lip was only slightly curled) "Boy, you need to get yourself a San Diego cosmetic surgery doctor ,to fit into those blue suede shoes of yours. But Elvis said in the Ghetto nobody can afford a San Diego plastic surgery doctor. Dude I'm All Shook Up said Elvis. I think I'll have me another cheeseburger. Then I'm gonna go round and see Michael Jackson and we're gonna watch a waaaay cool make-over show featuring some Tijuana dentists on the TV in the back of my Hummer. And then he just walked out of the supermarket singing. . . "You give me love and consolation,
You give me strength to carry on " Strange day or what? :-)


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